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The Online Minnesota Multi-State Permit to Carry Course consists of 4 lessons. You are required to read each lesson and complete the lesson quiz that follows.

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After successfully completing your quiz, please schedule your live fire exercise with Mike Briggs by calling 612-644-8864. Once the live fire exercise is completed you will receive a signed certificate of completion which will be needed when applying for your Minnesota Permit to Carry.

Required for the Live Fire Exercise:
• A handgun of any caliber that you feel comfortable with. Please no sharing. (Rentals are available)
• 1 box (30 rounds) of brass-cased ammunition. (Rentals are available)
• Valid I.D.
• Certificate of Online Course Completion

Range Fee: A $15 range fee is required – You may pay the range fee the day of your live fire exercise or add it to your cart during the checkout process.

We Provide:
• Eye & ear protection
• Targets

At the live fire exercise, we can answer any questions you have regarding the online course. The Live Fire Exercise is a safety demonstration and not a qualification.

Firearms and ammunition can be provided at a charge of $40 per student.


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